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Bigfoot Expedition 1861Bigfoot Finder is dedicated to the pursuit and capture of the great hairy beast known as Bigfoot. His legend has sparked the imagination of many, and haunted the dark forest night of us all. It is up to us, as explorers and discoverers, to once and for all uncover the mystery and legend of Bigfoot.

The evidence is there. There have been thousands of sightings reported over the last century alone, which have created massive amounts of data. With so many reported sightings, it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between the real sightings and the falsified reports. We key in on the hard and un-refuted evidence, compiling and presenting it in a manner that can be used as a tool for all Bigfoot research. So now, finally, all the evidence of his existence is put together on one site – – your home port for all Bigfoot expeditions and adventures into the wild.



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Expert Report

A YouTube video of buffalo meandering through Yellowstone National Park, near the Old Faithful geyser, reveals a family of Bigfoots in the background. This was published on Dec 29th, 2014. Tune to the 2:50 mark and watch the treeline. Here is an analysis by YouTube username – ThinkerThunker : Stay tuned to Bigfoot Finder for more on the […]

Gilbertsville, NY

Reader Report

Me and a few of my buddies were mowing a hay field off of a remote road in butternuts township NY. The mower broke down so we decided to go home for the night and come back the following day after barn chores and finish the rest of the mowing and tedding. later that afternoon after barn chores […]

Sasquatch Genome Project presents new proof of the existence of Bigfoot

Expert Report

See the video and read the article here:–abc-news-tech.html On initial review, we’re a bit skeptical of this, but won’t make any reality claims until we’ve done due diligence. Our thoughts on the video as presented: The creature walks with the casual gait of a human, rather than the purposeful movement an animal trying to remain […]