Known Whereabouts

Though Bigfoot sightings are rare, many have been documented over the years. We are constantly updating this map, compiling all the best data and evidence in existence to provide you with a solid starting point for your Bigfoot expedition.

If you have any information as to the current whereabouts of Bigfoot, please contact us immediately.

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Latest Reader Sightings [see all]

Gilbertsville, NY

Name: Wally Price

“Me and a few of my buddies were mowing a hay field off of a remote road in butternuts township NY. The mower broke down so we decided to go home for the night and come back the following day after barn chores and finish the rest of the mowing and tedding. later that afternoon… [Full Report]

Heart Pounding Encounter – North of Oil City, Pennsylvania, Off of Route 62

Name: Douglas W. Retzer

First of all I have had many experiences in my life but one stands out above the rest. The reason is I was scared to death to the point that my heart rate was well above the normal rate. I was in shock from this encounter! It was August 17th 1991. I remember it so… [Full Report]