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Bigfoot Finder is dedicated to the pursuit and capture of the great hairy beast known as Bigfoot. His legend has sparked the imagination of many, and haunted the dark forest night of us all. It is up to us, as explorers and discoverers, to once and for all uncover the mystery and legend of Bigfoot.

Recent Bigfoot Sightings

Night Bigfoot call in Bridgeport Ca.

I was working at the Marine base for several months. Didn’t see any Bigfoot but one night myself and a coworker heard something we couldn’t explain. I had brought my Polaris Razer with me and one late night we decided to take it out for some fun, it was late passed 12:00 midnight we decided to go up to the top of the mt. On some fire roads there was a dryed up lake it’s about 12500′ it took us awhile to get up there so it was late I don’t remember any moon that night, I had brought a hand gun we planned on just shooting some rounds off then heading back down we made it to the lake, I had been there few days before in the day time at night it was creepy and dark after being there maybe 5 min we heard a load very load Scream/Roar I will never forget, it must of been not that far away maybe 100 yards but it was so unusual I’ve never heard anything like that before the sound lasted long like 10 sec long we had a gun and it seamed that it didn’t matter that noise freaked us out so bad we jumped in the razor and left in a hurry. That’s it I was convinced it wasn’t normal after watching some shows on Bigfoot seams like it could of been one. I’ll be honest I’m not a believer in Bigfoot for the most part but what we heard that night made me think about it more. Thanks Mike

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Recollection of Bigfoot attack in West Virginia

When I was but a wee lad in the mountains of west virginia, i was cooking some beans in camp when i suddenly heard a noise. I went to investigate and lo and behold i witnessed a 9ft tall brown furry apeman looting my tent. I quickly sprung to action and whipped him with my whip named dorothy (thats another story). He roared at me, batted me into a tree 12ft or so up, when i awoke my sweet lorraine was gone, i speculated the bigfoot took her, but i still dont know to this day. I had a broken rib and shoulder blade, but i know what i say, it still haunts me to this day.

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Frightening encounter in Grant, Alabama

Fucking scary. Me my brother, cousin and grandfather where out exploring out past a cow pasture once we got into the woods we went down a small hill which had a rock formation we looked around for lizards and frogs once we got ready to leave I caught sight of a black brown thing standing behind a tree and i acted like i didnt see it and alerted my grandfather and my brother and cousin we where about 20 yards from when we started hearing snapping and whoops and the fear took over and we ran for like 10 minutes back home and since then we have not been back but my grandfathers brother had been down before us by a year and he also had seen the thing.

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Central arkansas area mysterious creature sighting

my dogs were barking so i got up to look outside and seen a very big creature fast walking going south, he crossed the road and disappeared in the woods.

I’m not sure what this was, and i have never really believed in bigfoot, but whatever this was, it wasn’t human and it was about 7 ft tall and walked on 2 legs so it wasn’t an animal either, he never even glanced over my way and didn’t seem to be bothered by my dogs barking either. this happened about 45 minutes ago , it is now 12:58 am may 3rd 2018, I’m not going to give out my location because i don’t want a bunch of bigfoot hunters out here, so please don’t ask.

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Possible Bigfoot captured on camera

Went outside at around 9:00 with a couple cheap flashlights to go looking for some nightlife. I had a Cannon camera with me and decided to take pictures with the flash. I took about five and then thought I should head back.

When i got back and looked at the pictures (It was already WAY past dark) and a certain one struck me. Eyes, around 8 ft up and perfectly spaced apart. I zoomed in on the picture and realized that i had come within probably 75 ft on the creature.

I showed everyone else in my family right away but nobody really paid any attention. I know that we get bears down here but it had to have standing on its back legs to get its eyes up that high. I thought right away that it might just be a racoon in a tree but when i went down to look the next day, something big had definitely been there. A certain palm had some of its leaves stripped off and the grass was patted down like something had been standing there for a while, except the area patted down was about 6 ft in diameter.

I dont know what happened but the thing had to have crossed over a 5 ft barbed wire fence to get there, and my dog was with me and he didn’t smell anything. I still have the pictures and I can show anyone the palm.

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Snow prints in Woodland, North Carolina

It was snow on the ground and foot prints were found of a Unidentifiable animal.The animal has a foot that is 15in long and a stride of 9ft between foot prints and more prints have been found and dead deer bodys with human like bit marks and a not touched dead deer was found on the front pouch of my home

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Mysterious bather at Ecola State Park, OR

I was just driving and there it was. In the water it looked almost like it was bathing but it was waist deep in the water and kind of moving it’s arms around it’s body. I unfortunately was driving to fast to take a picture, so I understand if you don’t believe me.

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Bigfoot eating deer in British columbia

The tongass national forest in British Columbia

Me and some of my friends were going on a hike through the forest when we heard some sort of stomping or rustling in the bushes when we went to get a closer look we saw a single Bigfoot eating a deer carcass. He briefly looked up at us and then continued eating. Me and my friends were so afraid and we will never be hiking in those woods ever again.

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