Dunsmuir, CA – January 18th, 2011

Hello, I just wanted to share my Bigfoot encounter story.  I used to be pretty skeptic about all this stuff (Bigfoots, Aliens, Fat-Free frozen yogurts) – But recently on a trip down to Southern California I was forced to stop at an exit near Dunsmuir, California.  I had to pee, so I hoped out and relieved myself in an empty parking area right off of the I-5 interstate.

It was late and cold.  I was mid-pee when I heard some noises coming from behind me.  At first, I thought it was someone approaching me so I quickly ended my movement and jumped around like I wasn’t doing anything.  The noise stopped, so I credited it to a fallen branch or something?  I continued doing my deed and then started off towards my car.  The area was covered with forestry, but still had a one street light in the lot.  That’s where I saw one.  I saw a Bigfoot!  It was standing about 50 yards away from me, right underneath that light pole.  It stood there, looked over its shoulder and then crouched down by the pole like it was investigating something at the base.  I ran over to my car and jumped in.  By the time I turned the car on and looked up.  There was nothing there anymore.  I called the police as soon as I hit I-5 telling them that there was something going on at the place I had just been.  I was hoping that they would find something out there and get back to me, but they never did… 

When I think back, it’s kind of a cool story to tell at a party or something, but I really wish I wouldn’t have freaked out like I did.  I should have investigated a little more, or at least tried to get a picture…

Sydney – Long Beach, CA

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