Klamath National Forest

Dear Bigfootfinder,

I would like to report a sighting. I was driving south on Highway 199 in Northern California through the Klamath National Forest on the way home from a camping trip. I had been camping with some friends for the weekend, but had to leave early on the 2nd night because I was meeting my parents for breakfast the next morning in my home town of Crescent City. Anyways, I was about 10 miles away from Patrick Creek, and I was cruising down the highway as I had done so many times before on countless camping trips, when a dark figure ran across the road up ahead. I see deer run across the road all the time, which is no special occurrence, but this was obviously different as the figure was running upright, like a person. This spooked me, because we were pretty far from civilization, campgrounds or any reasonable camping location, and it was about 11:00pm at night. On reflex, I hit the brakes and slowed down. At first I wanted to speed away, because I was a little spooked, but then I thought about it and stopped to see if it was a person who needed help. I stopped at the point where I saw the figure cross the road, rolled down my window and called out, asking if anybody was there and if they needed help. I didn’t get a response, so I grabbed my flashlight that I had handy from leaving the campsite earlier, and pointed it into the woods. I didn’t see anything, so I got out of my truck and flashed the light in the trees again, but a little father back down the road. This time I saw it. And by it I mean a giant, lean hairy creature that I could only describe as Bigfoot. From what I saw, its hair was dark brown and was fairly long and shaggy. To me, it looked about 7 feet tall, and about 400 pounds I would guess. Basically it looked a little bigger than Shaquille O’Neal. It was half behind a tree, almost hiding and looking right at me. When I shined the light directly in his eyes, he froze for a second and then let off a wailing, walloping scream and stood its ground. Me, being completely terrified, jumped into my truck and sped home, with my heart pounding the whole way. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. I drove back up there the next day to the area I figured I was, but didn’t see anything, and haven’t seen anything since. I haven’t told anyone else of this story because of fear of being mocked, so you are the first get this story. Please let me know what you think and if this is an area where there have been other sightings that can legitimize my story.

Crescent City, California