Bigfoot Captured on Film in Utah?

This video was published on YouTube on August 30, 2011. Apparently, the uploader of the film, whose YouTube username is LegoCloneBoy321, filmed this video near his camp site about a week before somewhere in Utah. He claims to have more film and audio of the encounter but is waiting to release it until contacting “proper counsel.”

As you can see, there a few clips and angles of a creature that could resemble a Bigfoot as it walks through the forest. There is also video of a structure that appears to be some kind of shelter made out of logs and sticks.

After careful analysis of the film, one can see that the creature they filmed does have characteristics of a Bigfoot. The large hulking body, the auburn-brown hair mixed with grey and silver, and the slow walking gait all seem to check out.

There are a few questions raised, however. The structure/shelter on video, while possibly made by a Bigfoot, could have easily been made by a human. Also, the structure is not well hidden, and could be easily seen by any human passing through the area. The video publisher also said that it was about 100 yards away from their campground. So unless these campers are way, way out in the wilderness, it is unlikely a Bigfoot would set up a shelter that close to a camping zone. Bigfoots tend to avoid all human contact, and live in remote areas.

Bigfoot Finder is not ruling out that this is an actual Bigfoot encounter. In fact, we are excited to see the release of the rest of the video and audio that was captured. With that additional evidence, we can make a better analysis of the film, and hopefully determine its authenticity.


If you have any evidence or insight regarding this Bigfoot sighting, refuting, concurring or otherwise, please let us know by commenting below.

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