Bigfoot Family Running Wild in Banff, Alberta

So I’m sure you’ve already heard about the new Bigfoot photos coming out of Canada. I was out of town on a Bigfoot expedition the last few weeks (more on that later this week), so have been out of the loop.

According to the Calgary Sun, a guy named Todd Standing of the Sylvanic Bigfoot group has been amassing clear photographs and video of a whole family of Bigfoots living outside Banff, Alberta (which is in Canada in case you were wondering). Still trying to track down more of these photos, but one has been released to the public:

Bigfoot Sighting in Banff, Alberta
Unfortunately it appears that he was focusing on those lovely branches in the foreground, but this is one of the highest quality Bigfoot photos we've come across.

A few thoughts on the photo and the story:

This is (obviously) a pretty high quality photograph.

Most Bigfoot footage you’ll run across is grainy, blurry, dark, shaky – all simple ways of covering up a hoax. Standing’s photo is clear enough to provide some pretty good detail, so if this is a hoax, it’s a good one. Notice the eye detail and the lips. These would be very difficult to create in a mask, or even in Photoshop.

The Finding Bigfoot crew is “on the case”

Honestly, to me this delegitimizes the evidence a bit. Those guys from the Discovery Channel fall somewhere in the sensationalist spectrum and often tend to stretch claims farther than is believable. However, they could just realize Standing is onto something.

DNA tests

The article is a little vague on what they’re comparing these DNA tests with, but I’m curious to see some official results. The preliminary findings are interesting:

“He says preliminary results from hair samples sent in for testing suggest an unknown species of primate, while video and photographs suggest a creature larger than a gorilla, with human-like features.”

Keep us honest

Well enough of my yappin’. What do you think of this finding? I’d like to believe it, but really, so far there’s only one photograph and little other hard evidence. I’m curious to hear what Bigfoot Nation thinks. Discuss below!


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