In case you have been living in a cave for the past month, you should know that a team of scientists from Russia, Canada, the United States, Estonia and Sweden gathered in Russia for a “Yeti Conference.” Together, they compiled their knowledge and expertise and set out on an expedition. After a few days of searching, they came across a cave in western Siberia where they found what they claim to be indisputable evidence of the Yeti’s existence. These scientists  even went as far to say that they were 95 percent sure that they could prove that what they found was an actual Yeti habitat. They found clumps of hair, footprints and what appeared to be a bed made of sticks and leaves.

Scientist Dr. Jeff Meldrum gets a close look at the Yeti nest

This finding sparked reports by most major news networks and websites, as well as the interest and wonder of millions worldwide. Bigfoot enthusiasts have flocked to the cave and surrounding areas.  Even former Russian heavyweight boxer Nikolai Valuyev went searching for the Yeti in the area near the cave, which only added to the media frenzy in Russia. He found footprints and many broken branches, but eventually went home without a sighting. Recently, the governor of Kemerovo, Russia offered a 1 million ruble (about $31,500 US) reward for anyone who can find a Yeti. Needless to say, this “Yeti Conference” has created quite a shock-wave throughout Russia and worldwide.

As the search continues in Siberia, we can only wait for more evidence to come out. Many believe, as we do at Bigfoot Finder, that it is now only a matter of time before they find and document an actual Yeti. This new-found enthusiasm for the Yeti in Asia, combined with the growing interest in Bigfoot in North America, is a big step for the cause. It has created intrigue and feedback, which will eventually lead a greater understanding of Bigfoot as part of our world.   Also, the more people that are out there looking only means greater odds at finally finding a Bigfoot!

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