New Bigfoot Sighting – Pushmataha County, Oklahoma

This report was submitted to us from Pushmataha County, southeastern Oklahoma:

Pushmataha County, Oklahoma

“Deer hunting. Returning back to camp from deer stand. Walking at the bottom of a dry river bed with my partner. We first heard heavy steps stepping and stopping in unison with us. Very creepy. We walked a bit and could hear heavy steps matching ours. Then came the stick and rock throwing. We double timed it back to deer camp, to find everyone there not out of breath, like we were. We shared our experience and were told that was probably just a Bigfoot shadowing us, hoping we would drop something for them. Didnt sleep well rest of trip, even though there many men with guns around.”  -Scott, SE Oklahoma

Thank you for the submission Scott. Bigfoot Finder finds your report very intriguing. Many people have shared your experience with the rock and stick throwing, which seems to be a common reaction to humans. The Bigfoot you encountered very well could have been shadowing you and hoping for scraps, as your hunting party suggested. Another theory is that the Bigfoot was simply frightened and wanted to scare off “intruders” hunting in his area, while at the same time keeping his distance. Bigfoots have been known to be territorial, so next time you go out deer hunting in that area, just be aware that you might be stealing his next meal, and his reaction might be a little less subtle than the last time!


If you have any evidence or insight regarding this Bigfoot sighting, refuting, concurring or otherwise, please let us know by commenting below.

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