New Bigfoot Sightings – Northwest Florida

Last week we received two different sightings from the same area near Eglin Air Force Base in northwest Florida. Here is what was reported to Bigfoot Finder:

Sighting #1

Location of Sighting: Eglin Airforce Base

While on a field training exercise in the woods of northwest FL, my
self along with other members of my team came across a large 9 foot
tall haircovered bipedal animal feeding on a fish in a creek. Quickly
after being sited, the animal ran into the bushes at a tremendous
speed. No footprints were found but we did recover the partially eaten
fish. -Nathan

Eglin Air Force Base, Northwest Florida

Sighting #2

Location of Sighting: Northwest Florida

On a field training exercise me and a few other team members were on a
night navigation when we heard russeling in the trees about a hundred
meters out from our positin when we looked up we saw a large about 9ft
tall creature standing there when it saw that it was speed it took of
at a tremendous speed. -Chuck

The reports appear to coincide, as the first Bigfoot was seen feeding on fish at a creek, while the second one was standing and the running through the trees. Considering both reported sightings are in the same proximity, same timeframe, similar description, and appear to be from military personnel, we can probably assume that this was the same creature, merely seen at different times. Could this be the elusive “Skunk Ape” that has been harassing locals in Florida for centuries?

Bigfoot Finder has contacted both parties for a follow-up on their respective sighting. If you have any information related to these reports, please contact us at

2 thoughts on “New Bigfoot Sightings – Northwest Florida

  1. This is more of a question than a comment, but do you know if civilians are allowed in the woods around Eglin Air Force Base? I live in Freeport Florida. I own two homes one of those is also in Ponce de Leon Florida and that has 1500 acres located right behind the home. Many nights I have heard strange cries and house from those 1500 acres. I’ve never investigated at night but want to start and I shall investigate the acreage behind the home and I would also like to investigate the area of which these people seen it also. So if you could let me know if it is civilian friendly I would love to go and check it out myself, just don’t want to go and get shot cuz I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time

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