Bigfoot Sighting Elko County, Nevada

This sighting was reported by Kurtis in Elko County Nevada:


I was out looking for antlers in Elko county Nevada I saw a lot of huge boulders pushed over and a lot of lose, kicked up dirt. I thought maybe a deer was trying to make a bedding area, but I very wrong. By one of the big boulders I saw a bunch of fine-grained hair solid black. At that time I was getting pretty freaked out. I continued on. As I continued I kept getting the feeling something was watching me. I took out my binoculars and scanned the area very carefully, it was very cold and I could see what looked like breath coming from a tree. I waited for about 20 minutes before the figure emerged from behind the tree. It was a huge black figure at least 9 feet tall. He looked over where I was crouched down. I was in camouflage and he didn’t notice me right away. He then started getting curious and slowly started walking my way. I think he caught my sent because he started to do very loud and abrupt grunting, I slowly stood up and figure ran on its two hind legs very fast over the ridge. The ground was too frozen to see footprints and I could not pursue him. What could this thing be other than a Bigfoot? I am a firm believer. – Kurtis, Elko County, Nevada

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