Sasquatch Genome Project presents new proof of the existence of Bigfoot

See the video and read the article here:–abc-news-tech.html

On initial review, we’re a bit skeptical of this, but won’t make any reality claims until we’ve done due diligence.

Our thoughts on the video as presented:

  1. The creature walks with the casual gait of a human, rather than the purposeful movement an animal trying to remain hidden. The camera was much too close for the Bigfoot to be unaware of human presence.
  2. The researchers of the SGP seem to be lacking the emotional detachment needed for this kind of research. Since they’ve all been “impacted” by a Bigfoot at some point in their lives, they run a risk of jumping to conclusions too quickly.


Bigfoot Evidence


Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 2.00.49 PM


Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 2.01.08 PM


Oregon woman reveals Bigfoot evidence from 45 years ago

Recently reported on KVAL 13 in Sutherlin, Oregon, a woman finally unveils some Bigfoot evidence she’s been holding onto for over 45 years.

Apparently, she found bits of hair and skin snagged in her car’s bumper after swerving narrowly “missing” what they later determined to be a Bigfoot crossing the road at night.

bigfoot evidence, hair and skin

Samples were sent to the University of Montana for DNA testing, but unfortunately after 45 years the samples had deteriorated too much to identify the source.

What do you think? Is she crazy, or could Ms. Klopp have had a Bigfoot encounter?

Story and video here:–199028631.html


Possible Bigfoot Attack in Manitoba

Reported October 4, 2012 by Brent Pulver of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada:

“He made a roaring sound and attacked our tent when we were sleeping at around 2:30am.”

Pulver describes the beast as “tall, black, fat, ape like, long hair, red eyes and vicious.” BFF has followed up on this claim to determine if the campers were provoking the Bigfoot or simply intruding in an area near its home.

Pulver describes the creature as male, though his description provides little supporting evidence. Submitted photo is below.

Bigfoot Attack
Image submitted by Brent Pulver, October 4, 2012

You decide!

If you have any evidence or insight regarding this Bigfoot sighting, refuting, concurring or otherwise, please let us know by commenting below.

Bigfoot Family Running Wild in Banff, Alberta

So I’m sure you’ve already heard about the new Bigfoot photos coming out of Canada. I was out of town on a Bigfoot expedition the last few weeks (more on that later this week), so have been out of the loop.

According to the Calgary Sun, a guy named Todd Standing of the Sylvanic Bigfoot group has been amassing clear photographs and video of a whole family of Bigfoots living outside Banff, Alberta (which is in Canada in case you were wondering). Still trying to track down more of these photos, but one has been released to the public:

Bigfoot Sighting in Banff, Alberta
Unfortunately it appears that he was focusing on those lovely branches in the foreground, but this is one of the highest quality Bigfoot photos we've come across.

A few thoughts on the photo and the story:

This is (obviously) a pretty high quality photograph.

Most Bigfoot footage you’ll run across is grainy, blurry, dark, shaky – all simple ways of covering up a hoax. Standing’s photo is clear enough to provide some pretty good detail, so if this is a hoax, it’s a good one. Notice the eye detail and the lips. These would be very difficult to create in a mask, or even in Photoshop.

The Finding Bigfoot crew is “on the case”

Honestly, to me this delegitimizes the evidence a bit. Those guys from the Discovery Channel fall somewhere in the sensationalist spectrum and often tend to stretch claims farther than is believable. However, they could just realize Standing is onto something.

DNA tests

The article is a little vague on what they’re comparing these DNA tests with, but I’m curious to see some official results. The preliminary findings are interesting:

“He says preliminary results from hair samples sent in for testing suggest an unknown species of primate, while video and photographs suggest a creature larger than a gorilla, with human-like features.”

Keep us honest

Well enough of my yappin’. What do you think of this finding? I’d like to believe it, but really, so far there’s only one photograph and little other hard evidence. I’m curious to hear what Bigfoot Nation thinks. Discuss below!


Reverse Evolutionary Theory and the Johor Bigfoot

The Johor Bigfoot theory originates from Malaysia, where the prehistoric “Perak Man” was discovered in 1991. The relationship between the oft-sighted creature and the findings suggests a reversing of evolutionary process.

Perak Man remains replica
Replica of the Perak Man remains, discovered in Malaysia in 1991.

Based on evidence compiled by biodiversity researcher Vincent Chow, paleoanthropologist Sean Ang of Kuala Lumpur concurred that Bigfoot could be a “living species of prehistoric man,” in existence for over 65,000 years. According to Ang, “Reverse evolution can take place when there is an abundance of food and the species group is small and totally isolated, as in the case of the Johor Bigfoot.”

Chow’s theory is based on analysis of the prehistoric hominid skeleton in relation to clearly photographed  footprints of the supposed Johor Bigfoot, as well as other evidence. Homo Erectus and the Johor Bigfoot were found to have similar traits, and adaptation to the Malaysian jungle environment could have been cause for the physical changes seen in the contemporary creature.

There have been many sightings of the Johor Bigfoot, also known locally as Hantu Jarang Gigi (ghosts with widely spaced teeth). In 2006 the Malaysian government mounted an official search for the creature, according to the BBC.

Sources and further reading can be found at the following links:

Keep us honest.

Bigfoot finder relies on input from readers to corroborate evidence and determine the legitimacy of Bigfoot sightings. What are your thoughts on this reverse evolution theory? We’re aware that the findings are 5 years old, so if you have any recent information, please share it with us.




Recent Bigfoot sighting reported outside Sisters, OR

The following Bigfoot sighting was reported by Rick Wheeler, recounting an encounter that took place in October of 2010. Bigfoot Finder is currently looking into the details of the encounter to determine the accuracy of the claim and descriptions. If you have any evidence refuting this sighting, please comment below.

October 2010–Camp Sherman, near Sisters, OR

Recently there has been a tremendous uproar in the Bigfoot community.  I came across your site recently and have really enjoyed MOST of the articles.  You can definitely tell when someone is lying and I find it funny, but at the same time interesting that people would do this.

What are the profits from lying about a Bigfoot encounter?  Is it the publicity?  Is it the hopes of getting on the next Finding Bigfoot episode?  My worries are that we have too many hoaxes and not enough people taking this seriously.  I can, without any hesitations, concur that Bigfoot is real.  I would like to share my story.  About a year ago I was hiking through the woods northwest of Sisters, OR when I was approached by a Bigfoot.  It was early morning October, the air was crisp and it was an event that I will never forget.

I’d like to start with the night before.  My wife and I were camping outside Camp Sherman when we started hearing loud high pitched roars, followed by a few hoots.  Now, I know some people automatically contribute these noises to being Bigfoot, but believe me when I tell you; this is not what we first concluded.  It is hard to describe exactly what we were hearing on paper, but it definitely wasn’t coyotes and I believe the black bears in that area to be mostly mute.

After a few minutes of silence, we decided to hit the sack.  In the morning, before my hike, I noticed that our campfire had been spread out.  Since we had a controlled fire pit, I didn’t hesitate to leave the small fire we had going alone the night before, so I thought I was very strange that the few small pieces of Oak that were left on the night before looked like they had been pulled out of the fire by hand.  Also, there was a giant wet spot where the coals had once been, as if someone had came by our camp site and put them out with a bucket of water.  Thinking nothing more of it than maybe an upset forest Ranger, I set out for my hike.

After about an hour of heading due north, I was approached from behind by a Bigfoot.  Unlike some of your other story tellers on here, I was very panicked.  I made my way to a nearby tree and reached down for a long stick…primal instincts I guess?  I remember that it was very hard to breath and that I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  I wanted to cry.  Any kind of animal with that sort of shear size would probably worry most unarmed humans.  I didn’t want to move, thoughts started racing through my head: Should I run?  Should I stay still?  How long was this thing following me?…again, I won’t hesitate to tell anyone that I was afraid.

After what seemed to be an eternity, I decided that I would take a step backwards.  Once I did, the Bigfoot took another step closer…I stopped in my tracks.  I stayed still, again, for what seemed to be an eternity (prolly 20 more seconds) and then decided that I would raise the stick in my hand.  This is where things got fairly real.  I raised my stick and shook it at the creature.  I even remember yelling, more like pleading, with the thing to go away.  The Bigfoot didn’t budge.  I do remember it leaning up and sticking its chest out at me.  I also noticed that its jaw raised and I got the feeling that it was almost telling me to STOP doing that, but without words.  At this moment I felt threatened, but at the same time not.  I lowered my stick and took another step backwards.  This time the Bigfoot didn’t follow my lead so I took a few more steps in the opposite direction.  I found myself swiftly walking away from the situation, occasionally turning backwards to see if I was being followed.

When I got back to the camp, I told my wife of my encounter.  At first she thought that I might be playing a prank on her, but in time she has come to believe me.  My personal theory on the Bigfoot is that they are not hostile.  They are a living creature like any other and at the same time NOT like any other.  Wherever in the world Bigfoot’s may actually live and thrive is in a world unlike our own.  Primitive ways and the basics of nature are traits that Bigfoot’s decide to live under.  I believe that Bigfoot knows of its impact on today’s world and is smarter than we give it credit for.  Most stories out there are typically false and made up by people that can’t, but WANT to see this magnificent animal.  Let me tell you now…the Bigfoot DOES exist and we need to respect and treasure them before they are gone forever.

Keep us honest.

If you have any evidence or insight regarding this Bigfoot sighting, refuting, concurring or otherwise, please let us know by commenting below.


Bigfoot Discovery Museum

The Santa Cruz Wire did a great writeup today on Northern California’s Bigfoot Discovery Museum.

We at Bigfoot Finder haven’t had a chance to visit the esteemed museum lately, but word on the street is that curator Michael Rugg has presented one of the most extensive collections of Bigfoot evidence in North America, and as a “Bigfooter” himself, is a wealth of knowledge on expedition techniques, tree knocking and artifacts.

Read the Wire article here, and if you’re in the Santa Cruz Mountains area, be sure to check out the museum.

Also, take a gander at one of the latest Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show episodes:

The Patterson Footage: October 1967, Six Rivers Nat’l Forest, CA

Yes, we’ve all seen this, and yes, it is the subject of much controversy. We at Bigfoot Finder believe this footage to be real, until we find absolute and undisputed evidence otherwise. A few of the many factors that go into our logic:

  • No legitimate evidence or reproduction of the “costume” has been produced.
  • The anatomical proportions of the Bigfoot seen in the film are not compatible with a human form.

Loyal Bigfoot Finder follower Scott Gasperino shared his insights as well via our Facebook page:

Loot at the Patterson film footage closely. You can see muscle definition moving under the fur. Either that is one hell of a ripped 8-foot-tall woman, or Bigfoot. The shape of the head also denotes no human could wear a helmet that size and shape, and yet see through the eye slots, or even the mouth.

While there are still some unanswered questions regarding the footage, we maintain that the footage is, in fact, real, and one of the most important pieces of evidence of the existence of Bigfoot.

Please feel free to add any arguments you have for either side, as discussion is helpful in separating truth from fiction.


Mary’s Peak, OR

I know this is going to sound stupid, but you can choose to believe whatever you want.  When I was 19 years old I came across a Bigfoot.  I haven’t told a lot of people about this, for obvious reasons.  I’m not interested in becoming a joke.  It’s nice to see other people out there like me, and this site looks like a great place.  It really is interesting to connect and hear from people that have witnessed the same things I have.

Continue reading “Mary’s Peak, OR”

Washington Coast – April, 2007

I’ve always thought the Bigfoot craze was kind of a cool idea.  Could there really be some kind of giant ape man out there around the world?  I have done some research here and there (just over the internet, nothing serious) and have started looking for signs myself when I’m out and about.  I am an avid outdoorsman and enjoy hiking with a little fly fishing on the side.  Growing up on the coast of Washington near Canada it’s just the way of life.  Being so close to the Olympic National Park, I’m surrounded by so much beauty it’s easy to go out and get lost for hours.

When I was 29 I was hiking one of my favorite spots one day with my friend Carol.  We started off to a spot I knew of down by a creek.  The area is a good place to hang out and eat some lunch.  When we got to the bottom of the hill a foul smell surrounded us.  I thought it might be an animal carcass that was nearby and we were just getting a bad wind.  We sat down on a giant rock near the creek and started eating the snacks we had brought.  Within seconds we were both staring at a massive creature across the small creek.  I couldn’t catch my breath at first.  A Bigfoot was right in front of us.  All the stories I’ve heard or read about in the past portrayed the animal to be giant, but this one was only about 5 feet tall.  I know it sounds weird when I say that the animal was only 5 feet tall, and it doesn’t sound like Bigfoot, but it was!  We were both frozen, scared because we were probably only 40 feet away from it.  I remember the Bigfoot pulling up some kind of grass and then turned in the opposite direction and disappeared into the forest.  We both sat in silence, but could hear the footsteps and sticks breaking as the animal moved through the woods.  I would bet that this lasted for more than a couple minutes.  I made my way down to the edge of the river where it was grabbing the vegetation that I diagnosed to be some kind of wild onion.  Even though this situation scared me a little, it was an amazing story and I share it with everyone I know.  Now, I’m sharing it with you guys.


– Rachel