Bigfoot Sightings & Field Reports


We are constantly receiving sighting reports from our readers. Some are unsubstantiated, of course, but many seem to be based in reality. We always make our best attempt to post unedited and unfiltered reports, to prevent our own bias from tainting potential critical evidence that we perhaps overlooked. However, some reports will be edited for clarity if needed.

Any follow-up questions and comments are very helpful to our research, and may strike a vein of evidence we hadn’t previously considered.

Recent Reports

Tracks found in Cascadia Oregon

Tracks. One set clear and small and somewhat detailed. Larger set not as detailed.

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Pine grove state park

Ok, after a quiet winter, we experienced howls, not dog howls, but a series of howls tonight around 7 15 pm coming in the directions of bear mountain. Conditions in and around the mountain were not great lots of mud, high winds, and wind chill. But none the less a productive night. Next week were setting up cameras and parabolic mic. We’re going to pin point the source of the howls and identify the source. I believe were onto something and will be updating our results next week.

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Mysterious whooping – N.E. of Idaho City

N.E. of Idaho City Idaho on a trail off Granite Creek road

My friend and I were deer hunting on the last day of general deer season. The weather was getting nasty. It was cold and it started sleeting/ snowing and blowing on us.

In the morning sometime after 9am we were hiking up the trail probably about 3/4 to 1 mile when we heard a “whoop, whoop!” My friend turned to me and asked, ” What was that?” I said I had no Idea. We didn’t see anything and continued to hike.

We got up the trail about another mile or so and decided to turn back. We got back to the area where we heard the whoops before when we heard it again. “Whoop whoop!” I said ” I wonder what the heck is making that noise?” We had not noticed any other hunters or vehicle’s in the area.

I have been going into the mountains for years, and have never heard that noise before.

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Sloth-like, hissing creature – Tiffin, Ohio

I saw this giant sloth-like creature make its way into a campus apartment at tiffin university. I believe the building had an address of 359 Miami st. It is apparent that the Sasquatch species is evolving as it drove up in a large silver truck, Honda in model. Walks upright with ease but lacks an ass. Short hair in the head and hisses anytime it feels threatened. Actually… I think I just saw Mike Sabol.

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Large Creature Hunting Local Wildlife – Prince George Virginia

Another sighting at around dusk again. Same area as last but this time my daughter spotted a 7 foot creature getting up and running with it’s backside facing us. I got a glimpse of something white/tan color huge.

A week prior to this a bunch of coyotes were seen in this area raiding chicken coups. Now all mysteriously gone. Beaver dams broken up as if something looking for food. Weird howls at night. There is definitely a big foot here in rural Prince George Virginia.

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Yeti or Bigfoot Seen on Road – Arlington Tennessee

I was driving home late one night and a big yeti like creature came out from the woods and darted across the street. I was trying to keep up with the huge creature but he was too quick. He was about 10 feet tall and was very hairy and he had a small nose and huge hands and feet. I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night knowing i had just seen big foot.

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Bigfoot Possibly Hit by Vehicle – North Little Rock, Arkansas

I was driving down the road at sunset on the interstate and I saw for a split second a huge, Black furred, ape like creature laying face down on the side of the road. Probably 8-9 feet tall, well over 400 pounds. Again, I did not see this for long at all, but my friend saw it too and said “did you see that?” All I could say was “yeah” as I had never seen anything quite like it. Please tell me what you guys think.

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