Bigfoot Possibly Hit by Vehicle – North Little Rock, Arkansas

I was driving down the road at sunset on the interstate and I saw for a split second a huge, Black furred, ape like creature laying face down on the side of the road. Probably 8-9 feet tall, well over 400 pounds. Again, I did not see this for long at all, but my friend saw it too and said “did you see that?” All I could say was “yeah” as I had never seen anything quite like it. Please tell me what you guys think.

3 thoughts on “Bigfoot Possibly Hit by Vehicle – North Little Rock, Arkansas

  1. I cry lie!!!! I live in NLR and the author is definitely lieing..: What interstate is Kade referring too? There are very few forested areas in NLR… There is Camp Robinson but the habitat is almost always burned up because of range fires due to artillery/ firearms… There is the airbase but those areas are far from interstate in NLR… This person. Kade Alexander (if that’s your real name) is perpetuating a lie that will put a mark on real research and interest on BF here in Arkansas… He needs to tell the truth or just be quiet….

  2. I’m pretty sure i just seen big foot in my yard ! my shepherds were barking really bad so i got up to look outside and seen something fast walking across the yard that appeared to be 7 ft maybe or near that tall , with long shaggy hair , the gait was not a man by no means , and it wasn’t an animal either , needless to say , i shut my door and started searching the internet for possible sightings in my area and came across this post … its gonna be a long night that’s for sure

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