Bodybuilder Bigfoot discovered on porch

i was standing outside on the back porch and I smelled a very strong skunk/rotting meat smell then I walked of the porch and looked into the tree line and there he stood at least 8ft tall brownish black color and had muscles like a body builder it look at me froze stood froze foe 30 seconds the growled and took off running the it finally hit me I seen a squatch

10 thoughts on “Bodybuilder Bigfoot discovered on porch

  1. I was at my local gym and I saw a large hairy figure benching 240lbs… emitted loud growl when I tried to take pictures and I ran away in fear…. likely a bigfoot maybe even same one as mentioned here.

  2. This report makes sense. In the sighting report, it is stated that “I smelled a very strong skunk/rotting meat smell”. This part of the report makes sense because the “skunk/rotting meat smell” is what is decribed in other reports that have been proven as true. Next, the detail “stood at least 8ft tall, brownish black color” seems true to me. The “8ft tall” part works because that is a average size for a sasquatch male, acording to the BFRO. The “brownish black” color scheme works too because that are the main colors of a adult bigfoot.

  3. I collect scat and have almost every species known to N. America (mouse, moose, bear,wolf, elk, deer, otter, beaver, skunk, squirrel, you name it. Finally caught a squatch mid dump and startled it. It ran away but left me with the prize of my collection.,.. a three and a half pound turd. What a prize!!

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