Dog Missing, Possibly Eaten by Bigfoot – Outside Gold Beach, OR

My dog ran out of my house barking at some rustlin’ in the bushes and I didn’t think much of it, but then my dog stopped barking. I run out and see somethin two heads higher than me running into the bushes with black fur. It was running like a man. I chase after it but it jumped across the creek outside my house and got away. I haven’t seen my dog since…

gold beach sighting

13 thoughts on “Dog Missing, Possibly Eaten by Bigfoot – Outside Gold Beach, OR

  1. Yes that’s right 30 – 35 miles per hour hopefully your dog wasn’t eaten and is just exploring the neighbourhood or went round the back and is hiding in your backyard and has a food stash or maybe somebody else took him in although you don’t get to see him you know he mouth he safe!

  2. 30mph really??? I was doing 70mph I-95 and a bigfoot passed me in his yugo jalopy! So bigfoot can do at least 70 and maybe more…

  3. Reaction by dogs to bf encounters have been the basis for my interest . My sighting was in 1986 and my golden had a bad time during the event though the THING was 100ft away. Two years later she would not return to that site . How the THING was able to inflict the pain my dog experianced I have not found a answer for. If she had a seizure it was a one time event. I have talked with veterinary people . None have a answer but one told me she had heard a simular story about the area where my event happened

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