Night Bigfoot call in Bridgeport Ca.

I was working at the Marine base for several months. Didn’t see any Bigfoot but one night myself and a coworker heard something we couldn’t explain. I had brought my Polaris Razer with me and one late night we decided to take it out for some fun, it was late passed 12:00 midnight we decided to go up to the top of the mt. On some fire roads there was a dryed up lake it’s about 12500′ it took us awhile to get up there so it was late I don’t remember any moon that night, I had brought a hand gun we planned on just shooting some rounds off then heading back down we made it to the lake, I had been there few days before in the day time at night it was creepy and dark after being there maybe 5 min we heard a load very load Scream/Roar I will never forget, it must of been not that far away maybe 100 yards but it was so unusual I’ve never heard anything like that before the sound lasted long like 10 sec long we had a gun and it seamed that it didn’t matter that noise freaked us out so bad we jumped in the razor and left in a hurry. That’s it I was convinced it wasn’t normal after watching some shows on Bigfoot seams like it could of been one. I’ll be honest I’m not a believer in Bigfoot for the most part but what we heard that night made me think about it more. Thanks Mike

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