Possible Bigfoot captured on camera

Went outside at around 9:00 with a couple cheap flashlights to go looking for some nightlife. I had a Cannon camera with me and decided to take pictures with the flash. I took about five and then thought I should head back.

When i got back and looked at the pictures (It was already WAY past dark) and a certain one struck me. Eyes, around 8 ft up and perfectly spaced apart. I zoomed in on the picture and realized that i had come within probably 75 ft on the creature.

I showed everyone else in my family right away but nobody really paid any attention. I know that we get bears down here but it had to have standing on its back legs to get its eyes up that high. I thought right away that it might just be a racoon in a tree but when i went down to look the next day, something big had definitely been there. A certain palm had some of its leaves stripped off and the grass was patted down like something had been standing there for a while, except the area patted down was about 6 ft in diameter.

I dont know what happened but the thing had to have crossed over a 5 ft barbed wire fence to get there, and my dog was with me and he didn’t smell anything. I still have the pictures and I can show anyone the palm.

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