Unsolicited Bigfoot Attack – Heber Springs Arkansas

I was hiking, when out of nowhere a large hairy, about 8 foot creature tackled me and threw me to the ground. I got up and fired a shot in the direction of the beast. Later that night I was in my tent, and I heard rustling outside, I looked to find the bigfoot once again. This time he came after me so I ran, and haven’t been back since.

One thought on “Unsolicited Bigfoot Attack – Heber Springs Arkansas

  1. Out hunting for unicorns and fairy gardens..Looking thru my scope.Noticed a 8-9’ tall redish in color ape.What the heck I thought.I am about to be rich.Pulled the the trigger on my trusty 300 win mag.Dropped like a brick.I hear noises to my left,right and rear.I wake up naked in what appears to be a Bigfoot camp.My bum is real sore.I believe I was violated by these creatures.

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