Woodland Sighting – United Kingdom

Me and a friend where up hikeing when we stopped in a wood land and we made a fire after about 30 minutes and then the forrist went scilant and the bird flew out the tree it became very erey so we went and when I throwed a stick agenst a tree we heard a howld like a wold screemin so I whacked a stick of a tree and herd a know from the forrist behind us shortly after that we saw foot print about 19 inches long its foot was a lot wider it was nerv racking

2 thoughts on “Woodland Sighting – United Kingdom

  1. Try not to make too much noise as this could alert Bigfoot and if an encounter face to face is made there is a possibility of Bigfoot attacking you! Feeding the Bigfoot gives an 80% chance of getting away with a scratch but remember never alert a Bigfoot again!

    Although it sounded like a Bigfoot or some other creature it may have been a wolf even though you say it wasn’t and it sounded extremely weird to be a wolf howl well it may have been injured or it may have been a moose! I highly doubt what you heard was a Bigfoot because Bigfoot are known to be in the North Ametica region and I don’t think there has ever been a reported Bigfoot situation in Britain!

    The Footprint may have been part of a local nature trail or carved by kids as a joke or maybe even an animal which is undiscovered!

    P.S. I’m from UK too!

    Yours Sincerely


    And learn English


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