Woodland Sighting – United Kingdom

Me and a friend where up hikeing when we stopped in a wood land and we made a fire after about 30 minutes and then the forrist went scilant and the bird flew out the tree it became very erey so we went and when I throwed a stick agenst a tree we heard a howld like a wold screemin so I whacked a stick of a tree and herd a know from the forrist behind us shortly after that we saw foot print about 19 inches long its foot was a lot wider it was nerv racking

6 thoughts on “Woodland Sighting – United Kingdom

  1. Try not to make too much noise as this could alert Bigfoot and if an encounter face to face is made there is a possibility of Bigfoot attacking you! Feeding the Bigfoot gives an 80% chance of getting away with a scratch but remember never alert a Bigfoot again!

    Although it sounded like a Bigfoot or some other creature it may have been a wolf even though you say it wasn’t and it sounded extremely weird to be a wolf howl well it may have been injured or it may have been a moose! I highly doubt what you heard was a Bigfoot because Bigfoot are known to be in the North Ametica region and I don’t think there has ever been a reported Bigfoot situation in Britain!

    The Footprint may have been part of a local nature trail or carved by kids as a joke or maybe even an animal which is undiscovered!

    P.S. I’m from UK too!

    Yours Sincerely


    And learn English


  2. Learn English is the best put down you can give?

    What about stay off cider and the wacky backy?

    I have tried to track down the infamous ‘big cats’ and in a country as small and crowded as the UK there has to be certain traces that cannot help being left behind – scat, bodies, bedding. Big cat dung in zoos is distinctive and plentiful, there is usually quite a bit of leftover carcass – even if just the bones – and we are talking a lot because they will eat a lot, yet there are never any reports of a herd of cattle being savaged with a chewed up body having been dragged away where the cows could not get to (over a fence, for example). All that and how many ‘nests’ have been found – big cats and bigfoot have to bed down somewhere.
    Conclusion: there are no wild big cats on the loose in Britain, and even fewer bigfoot.

  3. Harry. Before offering such a non educated guess as “I don’t think there has ever been a reported Bigfoot situation in Britain!” I would suggest doing a little research on a fantastic search engine named Google.
    There you will find reports dating back many hundreds of years.

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