Bigfoot Facts


While many Bigfoot statistics can be brushed aside as merely hypothetical, some facts rise above the rest as undisputed, hard truth. We don’t take research lightly here at Bigfoot Finder. All data is thoroughly researched and often backed up by eyewitness accounts. Nor will we post those eyewitness stories — large or small, conservative or outrageous — without doing due diligence to make sure the evidence adds up with documented sources. We’re researchers, not wild-eyed conspiracy theorist psychos.

Bigfoot Footage

Adult Bigfoot/Sasquatch Physical Statistics

Height: 6 ft 6 in – 10 ft. tall (2 – 3 m)

Weight: 400 – 1000 lbs (180-450 kgs)

Footprint: 12-22 in (30-56 cm) length, 5 – 11 inches (12 – 28 cm) width at ball, 2 – 8 inches (5 – 20 cm) heel width

Hands: 6 – 8.5 inch (15-22 cm) palm width. Stubby fingers.

Hair: Dark Brown/Reddish. Unkept, matted.

Skin: Black, Brown, Tan

Head: Sagittal Crest

Facial features: Large brow ridge. Flat, black nose. Thin human-like lips.

Eyes: Brown/Red

Odor: Smells like Butch who lives under the bridge

Interesting Documentations

Bigfoot has been reported and documented for hundreds of years.

Mating season is March through April. Grady Grange witnessed firsthand a couple of Bigfoot mating in the middle of March. Doggy style.

Brown isn’t the only documented fur color. There have been reports of black, gray, white, and even a greenish-blue.

Bigfoot can run up to 30mph. –Documented in Indiana by Royal Cruden in a four-wheeler incident.

Bigfoot can jump the full length of their bodies. –Documented in Asian-Pacific by Chung-Li Fuki, noting “the beast leaped an 8 – 10 foot river in one bound.”

In 1765, England was attacked by three “giants” covered in animal fur. The documentation was lost 50 years ago when it was brought to the American ear.

1965: Bigfoot was officially put on the endangered species list in Russia. 1967: Germany and France follow suit.

1897: Bananas, nuts and berries were fed to a captured Bigfoot in Brazil. The Bigfoot ate all the food except the bananas, then escaped.

Bigfoots are immune to pepper spray, and have been known of “being incapable of sneezing.”

April 3rd, 1985: A small boy in Oregon was born and put on display due to being completely covered in hair.

1919: Fred Jancat attacked and killed in Maine. Attacker unknown, but blamed on an 8 ft male individual with disfigured face, “ape-like,” non-English speaking. “The male individual didn’t stop grunting until Fred’s skull was shattered, he then retreated into the woods.” –Jim “Jimboni” Archilli

1940: Flags were raised in Arizona when a deer was brutally killed by a group of Mexican men. Translators say that the men were sacrificing the deer for a giant “Mono” (ape) they had seen while crossing the border. They said that the animal had been following them for over 10 miles.

2010: Outside Boise, ID, new artifacts were found in multiple caves portraying a giant “bear,” consistently walking on its hind legs like a man.

June, 2000: Bones found in Klamath, OR. The “human” remains would be that of the tallest man in the world. Laid out, the individual stood 9 ft 6 in. The femur bone measured 4 ft 1 in.