Heart Pounding Encounter – North of Oil City, Pennsylvania, Off of Route 62

Here is a sighting reported by Douglas W. Retzer from August 17th, 1991, 6 miles north of Oil City, PA, off Route 62

oil city


First of all I have had many experiences in my life but one stands out
above the rest. The reason is I was scared to death to the point that
my heart rate was well above the normal rate. I was in shock from this
encounter! It was August 17th 1991. I remember it so well, as if it
happened yesterday. I was trout fishing in one of my favorite
locations winding up my summer vacation from driving school bus. I had
two weeks left before school would start and I wanted to get some good
fishing in before it was over. I started fishing about 3:00 o’clock
and was doing quite well for hitting a stocked creek that had between
6 and 9 thousand trout released for the beginning of the season. I
caught five brown trout all at the fourteen inch mark. I had covered
about five hundred yards so far and I wanted to finish up with my
limit of eight fish. I was carrying my trout from hole to hole on a
metal stringer I had used since I was a kid around fourteen years old.
It was around seven o’clock and I was confident I could catch my last
three fish if I moved down stream before it was too dark to see in
this hollow I was fishing. I decided to leave my fish and my equipment
near a sand bar I could anchor my stringer on and take a smaller nylon
stringer with me for my last three fish. I left my creel on top of the
bank and I put the stringer into the water to keep mt trout healthy.
Then I put two large rocks on top of the spike I pushed into the sand
bar. I knew the trout could not pull it free from the sand with the
rocks stacked on top of the spike and then I proceeded down stream to
the next good looking hole to drop my line. I walked about one hundred
yards down stream when I noticed there wasn’t any holes that looked
promising to me to catch anymore fish. At that point I had a chill go
down mt spine and I noticed I couldn’t hear any woods noises that I
had listened to that afternoon. I didn’t hear any birds, no chipmunks
not anything! I started to get nervous and uncomfortable. At that
point I decided I didn’t need anymore fish, the five that I had would
be enough for our dinner that night. I started back upstream hurrying
as it was starting to get pretty dark out and with the large trees
around me, what light getting through wasn’t much. I covered about
sixty yards back towards my stringer up this windy little creek. while
walking and looking at the water I noticed that this crystal clear
creek had become murky. I could see sand being washed down stream from
up above in front of me. I rounded the last bend where I could see the
rest of the way to my fish. Right away I saw that my rocks not on top
of the sand bar but they were half submerged in the water. and this
sand bar was no longer a sand bar but a mere pool of cloudy water. I
got to the spot where the rocks were and I jumped down to the water
and walked into it where the rocks stuck out partially under water. I
stuck my hands into the water and felt all around for my stringer. It
was gone! The sand bar was gone!That sand bar I walked across and
barely dented by my one hundred and seventy eight pounds of body
weight. I knew right then that whatever walked out there on it had to
weigh a great deal more than me. At that point I knew whatever it was
it had to watch me put the fish into the water and leave. It had to be
watching me the whole time! I began to get scared of whatever this
was. I was five hundred yards down stream from the road, route 62,
where I parked my 1991 Toyota pick-up I had just bought about four
months prior to this fishing trip. I was getting pretty nervous by
now. I jumped up and climbed up the bank to my creel. I grabbed
everything I laid there and started up stream towards the road and
more importantly, my truck. I was walking at a very fast pace as it
was getting darker by the minute. I covered about three hundred yards
when I thought I noticed something moving between the trees to my
right about sixty to seventy yards away. Whatever it was it was very
tall and very dark colored. I began moving faster and faster at this
point. Not running! But I was in a big hurry by now. I was about one
hundred yards away from the road when I heard this loud thud behind
me. I turned as I walked but I didn’t see a thing. I kept looking to
my right where I had seen something earlier but I couldn’t make
anything out I could recognize. I was almost running by now and I was
closing in on the road. Again I heard another loud thud behind me and
I turned immediately and I saw a very large rock about fifteen inches
square rolling across the path I was on. I started running at this
point and I looked to my right again and I saw it again moving behind
a very large oak tree! This time I saw it clearly!!! It was huge!! I
was running as fast as I could carrying my fishing rod and creel in
each hand. I covered the last fifty yards in about six to seven
seconds! I climbed up the bank to the road as fast as I could. I
jumped up over the guard rails and almost ran in front of two cars
coming from both directions. I froze, shaking uncontrollably. I turned
around and looked straight into the woods where I saw the animal
disappear behind the Oak tree. I waited for what seemed like minutes
but was only really about five or six seconds! As soon as the last car
passed by I turned and ran as fast as I could go across the road to
the area where I parked my truck. I threw my rod and creel into the
bed of my truck and fumbled for my keys, unlocking the door and
opening it in the same motion. I jumped in and slammed the door closed
locking it at the same time. I started the truck and put it in gear
holding the clutch in and revving the engine. I stared across the road
where I had just climbed up the bank and over the guard rails moments
before! I waited and I waited expecting to see the creature emerge
from the woods and come across the road towards my truck. I waited and
waited. Nothing! I slowly let out the clutch and I pulled up to the
highway never taking my eyes off of the wood line. As I reached the
road I paused and looked. Nothing! I looked both ways and I pulled out
and I ran through those gears faster than I ever have before and
since. I hit fifth gear and I was going sixty miles per hour. My heart
was racing! I was breathing very fast and very hard, I was shaking! I
was almost half way towards Oil City when I finally caught my breath!
I couldn’t believe what just happened to me! I was in a state of shock
by it all. I went home and I collapsed onto my couch. All I could do
was lay there and think about it. I didn’t move for hours. I used to
go fishing all the time. Almost always by myself. Never again! I have
not to this day gone out by myself into the woods. That was one of my
favorite fishing spots. But I could not bring myself to going back for
twenty one years! It was January of 2012 when I told my brother about
what had happened. He knew by looking at me that I was telling the
truth. He knew by my eyes. Well I decided to get this fear that I had
out of my system. We went back to that spot. We went about sixty yards
into the woods. It had snowed the night before and there was about one
to two inches of snow on the ground. That’s when we came across the
tracks! About eighty five to ninety of them. There was two different
sizes. One was about thirteen inches long and eight or nine inches
wide. The other was seventeen inches long and about five or six inches
wide. We looked all over. They came up out of the creek and walked all
around. Right over top of some deer tracks that were also in the area.
Then they moved down stream and back into the water not far from where
they exited. While standing there with my brother looking all around I
saw something black about one hundred yards away. It went from left to
right on all fours looking almost like a bear. But it was huge! Well
over eight hundred pounds. It went out of sight as fast as I saw it. I
never had a chance to point it out to my brother, Mike Anthony. It was
gone too fast! I have gone back several times now, taking someone
different each time. We have found tracks almost every time I have
gone. Some very clear and some old and hard to make out. Either way,
after everything I’ve seen, I’m convinced! There is something in those
woods! Something I don’t want to see again, up that close! I took
pictures of the prints in the snow. I put them in my pictures on
Facebook. If anyone wants to see them, feel free to do so. I will add
you to my friends list to give you access. Well, to all you believers
and unbelievers, they are real!!! Very,very real!!! Thank You for your
time!!! Douglas W. Retzer aka: Reddog!!! Over and Out!!!

Additional Comments
This is one of four sightings I have had over my 51 years. My first
was at age 17 while deer hunting. This one was the one that most
affected me while I was trout fishing late one summer while off for
summer break from driving school bus.

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Bigfoot Sighting Elko County, Nevada

This sighting was reported by Kurtis in Elko County Nevada:


I was out looking for antlers in Elko county Nevada I saw a lot of huge boulders pushed over and a lot of lose, kicked up dirt. I thought maybe a deer was trying to make a bedding area, but I very wrong. By one of the big boulders I saw a bunch of fine-grained hair solid black. At that time I was getting pretty freaked out. I continued on. As I continued I kept getting the feeling something was watching me. I took out my binoculars and scanned the area very carefully, it was very cold and I could see what looked like breath coming from a tree. I waited for about 20 minutes before the figure emerged from behind the tree. It was a huge black figure at least 9 feet tall. He looked over where I was crouched down. I was in camouflage and he didn’t notice me right away. He then started getting curious and slowly started walking my way. I think he caught my sent because he started to do very loud and abrupt grunting, I slowly stood up and figure ran on its two hind legs very fast over the ridge. The ground was too frozen to see footprints and I could not pursue him. What could this thing be other than a Bigfoot? I am a firm believer. – Kurtis, Elko County, Nevada

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Bigfoot a Country Music Fan? Also: Observations of Speech and “Pairs”

We have been receiving emails from fellow Bigfoot researcher and tracker Sergeant Xray, who has recently had several encounters in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State with beings he believes to be Relic Humanoids. His findings have been extremely noteworthy, with promise of more reports to come. If you missed his first reports, click here, and here. Here is his latest report, where he talks about music, the evidence that they travel in pairs and the possibility of a unique and ancient language. Here is his most recent report, from December, 2012:

I play some country and classic rock music.  I also play the harmonica and native american flute.  I have spoken to some Native Americans at a casino I use to work with and they tell me they are “people” and live in tribes (groups) such as the Native Americans do.  They always travel in pairs.  I have been told the females and young males are very curious of our species.  Some of the older males sometimes become confrontational of our males but not females??  They seem to be attracted to females and older males possibly due to scents?  I leave food for them and they have made themselves known to me on three situations.  They know I try and talk to them and I am not afraid of them.  I also carry a sidearm in a military drop leg holster and they do not seem to be concerned with that.  I also dress in military style camo which I think may seem curious to them.  I have heard them talk with some type of language twice when they have followed me so I know they travel in pairs.  It sounds like a “fast” language and as near as I can determine sounds similar to Native American/Asian language??  In September I had three other people with me and we had encounters (vocalizations, rock thrown near our tents and observed two looking at us 100 ft away)  for three nights.  They were 100 ft from us and I think if I were alone they would have come closer.  I was out a week ago in a remote area but did not see or detect anything.  I am going out again soon and will let you know if I see or hear anything.
 – Sgtxray
What do you think about Sergeant Xray’s experience? Could it be possible that he has come into contact with small groups of Bigfoots? Could he have been one of the first to hear an ancient language by these humanoids? Comment below! 
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Update From Sergeant Xray and His Relic Human Encounters

We have been receiving emails from fellow Bigfoot researcher and tracker Sergeant Xray, who has recently had several encounters in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State with beings he believes to be Relic Humanoids. His findings have been extremely noteworthy, with promise of more reports to come. If you missed his first report, click here.  

There are two that I have been leaving food for and they now follow me getting closer. My objective is to attempt to communicate with them and learn exactly what they are. I am working with Dr. John Bindernagel who I meet with periodically with updates. I am a former state law enforcement officer therefore I wish to protect them like any other “human” being. They have a social order, language and are reclusive probably for self preservation reasons. They are attracted to music I play. I have heard them talk (much faster than us), seen them run and stand there 30 feet from me and observe. Sometimes they will throw a rock in my general direction to let me know they are there. I am also former US Army Special Forces and they seem to employ similar stalking and concealment traits as we used in Special Forces. There are only two areas where I have had encounters with these individuals. Therefore I believe there are two breeding populations. I was originally curious if these actually existed (I had doubts). Now since these experiences I know they do exist and want to learn more about them. These are remote areas I visit about every month. I am going out again soon and will let you know if I get closer to my “friends”. – Sergeant Xray

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Bigfoot a Relic Human??

This encounter was posted in our forum section by loyal Bigfoot enthusiast and Bigfoot Finder fan member Sergeant Xray:

“I live in Washington state and spend a lot of time in the Cascade mountains. I am former military and a former state police investigator. I was originally a skeptic on “Bigfoot”. However after two distinct encounters with something my mind has been changed. The last encounter was last year during the winter and this subject was 30 ft away, 7-7 1/2 ft tall and very large. I had left some food items as suggested by a native american friend of mine during the morning prior to leaving a remote area where he claims these “people” live. Whatever this was followed me for 8 miles where I waited for a ride by an old logging road. A rock was thrown as if to attract my attention about 30 ft from me. I heard the rock hit high in the tree and watch it hit the ground. I walked just into the forest where it came from and then I observed a tall individual looking at me. I shined a light and it stepped behind a tree. I turned the light off and it stepped out from behind the tree and just looked at me. It seemed to be just curious?? I tried talking to it but it made no sounds. I think many people have not been clear of how tall this thing is. It appeared to me as a tall basketball player only wider (more mass). It was dark and so I did not get a real good look at it but I am returning to that area soon to discover more. It does appear more human than animal to me.” – 

Stay tuned to Bigfoot Finder.com for updates from Sergeant Xray upon his return trip to the area of his encounter.

New Bigfoot Sighting: Bryceville, FL

We received an email from Arty Carter of Bryceville, Florida:

Describe your experience:

“Eye shine heavy breathing tree knocking throwing things in the river.
Heard it howling loudly and breaking branches in the woods as it
walked away. I saw its silhouette on the white sand on the river bank
in the moonlight. It looked to be about 7 feet to 8 feet tall and its
shoulders were wider than a football player with pads on. Its arms
were long enough for its hands to be around or below its knees. I grew
up going to this part of the river and have had many encounters with
something stalking me but i never saw it before until recently. It
would walk when i walked and stop when i stopped. I could hear it
breathing heavily like an asthmatic gorilla. I’ve found footprints in
the sand along the bank with water drips around them as if it was
dripping off of hair all around the prints. I’ve seen it cross the dirt
road and only touch the ground with one foot in its stride across the

“I’ve had this happen enough times I’m 100% sure if the area was searched
something would be found. Its on the Florida-Georgia line. I’ve had all
this happen at 3 different parts of the river. All within 20 miles of
each other. It seems to be a reddish brown color. You could hear dogs
barking and frogs and crickets chirping. But when this thing howled
everything got silent. It was enough for me to relocate. I grew up
here camping my whole life. But now i don’t go at night. No more
camping for me. especially when i smelled that odor, it was like
sulfur and rotten eggs but it was stronger. Something different. Like
a wild hog bathed in sulfur and rotten eggs.” -Arty Carter, Bryceville, Florida


If you have any evidence or insight regarding this Bigfoot sighting, refuting, concurring or otherwise, please let us know by commenting below.

New Bigfoot Sighting – Pushmataha County, Oklahoma

This report was submitted to us from Pushmataha County, southeastern Oklahoma:

Pushmataha County, Oklahoma

“Deer hunting. Returning back to camp from deer stand. Walking at the bottom of a dry river bed with my partner. We first heard heavy steps stepping and stopping in unison with us. Very creepy. We walked a bit and could hear heavy steps matching ours. Then came the stick and rock throwing. We double timed it back to deer camp, to find everyone there not out of breath, like we were. We shared our experience and were told that was probably just a Bigfoot shadowing us, hoping we would drop something for them. Didnt sleep well rest of trip, even though there many men with guns around.”  -Scott, SE Oklahoma

Thank you for the submission Scott. Bigfoot Finder finds your report very intriguing. Many people have shared your experience with the rock and stick throwing, which seems to be a common reaction to humans. The Bigfoot you encountered very well could have been shadowing you and hoping for scraps, as your hunting party suggested. Another theory is that the Bigfoot was simply frightened and wanted to scare off “intruders” hunting in his area, while at the same time keeping his distance. Bigfoots have been known to be territorial, so next time you go out deer hunting in that area, just be aware that you might be stealing his next meal, and his reaction might be a little less subtle than the last time!


If you have any evidence or insight regarding this Bigfoot sighting, refuting, concurring or otherwise, please let us know by commenting below.

New Bigfoot Sightings – Northwest Florida

Last week we received two different sightings from the same area near Eglin Air Force Base in northwest Florida. Here is what was reported to Bigfoot Finder:

Sighting #1

Location of Sighting: Eglin Airforce Base

While on a field training exercise in the woods of northwest FL, my
self along with other members of my team came across a large 9 foot
tall haircovered bipedal animal feeding on a fish in a creek. Quickly
after being sited, the animal ran into the bushes at a tremendous
speed. No footprints were found but we did recover the partially eaten
fish. -Nathan

Eglin Air Force Base, Northwest Florida

Sighting #2

Location of Sighting: Northwest Florida

On a field training exercise me and a few other team members were on a
night navigation when we heard russeling in the trees about a hundred
meters out from our positin when we looked up we saw a large about 9ft
tall creature standing there when it saw that it was speed it took of
at a tremendous speed. -Chuck

The reports appear to coincide, as the first Bigfoot was seen feeding on fish at a creek, while the second one was standing and the running through the trees. Considering both reported sightings are in the same proximity, same timeframe, similar description, and appear to be from military personnel, we can probably assume that this was the same creature, merely seen at different times. Could this be the elusive “Skunk Ape” that has been harassing locals in Florida for centuries?

Bigfoot Finder has contacted both parties for a follow-up on their respective sighting. If you have any information related to these reports, please contact us at sightings@bigfootfinder.com

The Patterson Footage: October 1967, Six Rivers Nat’l Forest, CA

Yes, we’ve all seen this, and yes, it is the subject of much controversy. We at Bigfoot Finder believe this footage to be real, until we find absolute and undisputed evidence otherwise. A few of the many factors that go into our logic:

  • No legitimate evidence or reproduction of the “costume” has been produced.
  • The anatomical proportions of the Bigfoot seen in the film are not compatible with a human form.

Loyal Bigfoot Finder follower Scott Gasperino shared his insights as well via our Facebook page:

Loot at the Patterson film footage closely. You can see muscle definition moving under the fur. Either that is one hell of a ripped 8-foot-tall woman, or Bigfoot. The shape of the head also denotes no human could wear a helmet that size and shape, and yet see through the eye slots, or even the mouth.

While there are still some unanswered questions regarding the footage, we maintain that the footage is, in fact, real, and one of the most important pieces of evidence of the existence of Bigfoot.

Please feel free to add any arguments you have for either side, as discussion is helpful in separating truth from fiction.


Klamath National Forest

Dear Bigfootfinder,

I would like to report a sighting. I was driving south on Highway 199 in Northern California through the Klamath National Forest on the way home from a camping trip. I had been camping with some friends for the weekend, but had to leave early on the 2nd night because I was meeting my parents for breakfast the next morning in my home town of Crescent City. Anyways, I was about 10 miles away from Patrick Creek, and I was cruising down the highway as I had done so many times before on countless camping trips, when a dark figure ran across the road up ahead. I see deer run across the road all the time, which is no special occurrence, but this was obviously different as the figure was running upright, like a person. This spooked me, because we were pretty far from civilization, campgrounds or any reasonable camping location, and it was about 11:00pm at night. On reflex, I hit the brakes and slowed down. At first I wanted to speed away, because I was a little spooked, but then I thought about it and stopped to see if it was a person who needed help. I stopped at the point where I saw the figure cross the road, rolled down my window and called out, asking if anybody was there and if they needed help. I didn’t get a response, so I grabbed my flashlight that I had handy from leaving the campsite earlier, and pointed it into the woods. I didn’t see anything, so I got out of my truck and flashed the light in the trees again, but a little father back down the road. This time I saw it. And by it I mean a giant, lean hairy creature that I could only describe as Bigfoot. From what I saw, its hair was dark brown and was fairly long and shaggy. To me, it looked about 7 feet tall, and about 400 pounds I would guess. Basically it looked a little bigger than Shaquille O’Neal. It was half behind a tree, almost hiding and looking right at me. When I shined the light directly in his eyes, he froze for a second and then let off a wailing, walloping scream and stood its ground. Me, being completely terrified, jumped into my truck and sped home, with my heart pounding the whole way. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. I drove back up there the next day to the area I figured I was, but didn’t see anything, and haven’t seen anything since. I haven’t told anyone else of this story because of fear of being mocked, so you are the first get this story. Please let me know what you think and if this is an area where there have been other sightings that can legitimize my story.

Crescent City, California